Thursday, September 26, 2019

Australian History

I was born and grew up under this Insignia, and the Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth
it represents the true Aussie spirit 

The days when Australia was being developed by real Australians, 
and the diggers who died for this what was a great country. they died in vain to protect our heritage, only to have it given away to the enemy by treasonous Politition's for their own selfish gain. 

My Early Days 

My early days working in the shearing industry all around Australia, i did my bit in building Australia, the shearing industry was a great part of my life and Australian history, 

My early days working in a shearing team, my 1955 FJ Holden  

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Sharia Law

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Politicians to adhere to Section 100 of our Constitutional. Its addressed to the House of Reps  the rights to water