Thursday, September 26, 2019

Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth

This Blog is Just in its early beginning to  expose the Politician's what they did to change our great Country, by scrapping our Constitution, they took it out of every library and school so as to hide it from the Australian people, Then they went about changing every government department, they changed our Insignia and replaced it with one as you see in the document below.

This is an act of treason as they did it without the peoples consent, without a referendum. 

Treason by all parties over many years they slowly changed every Government department's names and how they operated by scrapping the rules of our Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth.  

Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth

This Insignia used by the Treasonous Australian Government

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  1. At 73yrs of age, i have seen many changes throughout my life. Looking back through the years it has been quite a struggle but there were good times..Everyone would leave their doors unlocked, sleep out on the front lawn, go for evening walk. You can't do that now because of the criminal element out there.
    The greatest fear now is not the creeps out there that are destroying our freedom but the creeps that are running this country. They have destroyed faith in humanity. The thing is, they will face a judgement and the punishment is they will see and feel in every fibre of there being what they are putting us through.
    These positions in Government are an opportunity to make great changes for the Australian people.what happened to good men and women? Moral people. Don't ever ever blame the youth for their anger, there graffiti, etc etc, they are as frustrated as the rest of us.
    We haven't got a clue if we are suppose to be male or female. We are forced into accepting this immoral trend. I fear for my kids, their kids etc. I can't wait for Jesus Christ to return and take over the Governments of the world and teach us that We were put on this earth to replentish and multiply it.
    How on earth do you do that if women only had women partners and men only men.
    We need to speak up and don't let these creeps in government position rule this country. We are the people of Australia, speak up.


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