Saturday, October 26, 2019


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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth - Attorney General

Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth 


Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth

Our life our future, every thing revolves around a true and honest Constitution, your children and Grand Children deserve to benefit from what our Mothers and Fathers did for Australia. And what our Grand Fathers and Grand Mothers fought for, they went to war and lost their lives so we can all benefit from their sacrifice. 
We deserve better than what the Treasonous Politicians are dishing up to us, their lies and deceit have No place in Australia. 
And they are bringing in people to this what was a great Country to destroy it, people who hate us and live under a completely different way of life and death.
Communism has no place in Australia, either does Islam, 
you will see why in later Posts.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Sodium Fluoride NO its (Poison)

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Why am i posting this on this Blog ? because the Treasonous Politicians want us all brain dead 

FLUORIDE (POISON)             From CHINA 
What are they doing to Australia and the Australian people, have all Politician's gone mad. NO it is a well calculated plan to make you brain dead so they can control you and me. TREASON

They tell you its to stop tooth decay, what a lot of bullshit.
I haven't been to a dentist since i completely gave up sugar, that is over 40 years ago.

SO Why do those people working in government departments drink bottled water,  I saw them helping them selves at the Lottery Office in Subiaco W.A. probably paid for from your tax. or taken out of your Pension.

Those Treasonous Politician's are lying to us and the treasonous Local Government's', they are adding fluoride (Poison) to the tap water, they say it is o'k to drink, if its o'k to drink why are they having bottled water, they are all a lot of lying bastards.


Sharia Law

PETITION Please Sign the Petition

Politicians to adhere to Section 100 of our Constitutional. Its addressed to the House of Reps  the rights to water